Every customer should note that My Vanilla Card is not a debit card that will give you money as the card helps in purchasing the relevant items from stores. My Vanilla Card only contains the money you keep and do a transaction at the stores which accept the relevant payment. As soon as you hand the card over to the paying employee, they will be asked how much to stack on the card.

OneVanilla Card is sold in all the stores and supermarkets for people to purchase. All the cardholders will primarily discover OneVanilla Card that ranges from $ 20 to $ 500 as the amount decided officially. This solely means that you can stack the card with the amount for at least $ 20 and up to a limit of $ 500.

General Information for My Vanilla Card Usage

My Vanilla Card is a prepaid debit card that is practically effective for doing relevant purchases. In some cases, it is a useful substitute for paper money and effective in most of the stores.

  • A customer with a bad credit rating or a young person without a credit rating can use a My Vanilla Card to develop spending with the help of
  • OneVanilla Card is a safe way to transport money. Like all the credit cards, MyVanilla are protected against theft by the official technical team.
  • OneVanilla Card can be used for online shopping and routine payments at the stores where they are solely accepted as easily as in a store.

MyVanilla Card Shopping Offers

It is solely advisable by the company to shop around and read the fine print. With the help of
OneVanilla Prepaid debit cards, now available in several variations and can make the best deal for all the customers in their relevant purchases. Customers can get all the offers which are listed in the benefits section as they perform payments through the