Vanilla Gift Card Activation Guide

For all the customers and cardholders, it is very easy to use the official portal for checking account to use their debit card for any purchase, accidentally spend too much, and get hit by overdraft fees.

OneVanilla is an official prepaid Visa or MasterCard debit card that is a partial solution for people with these personal financial problems. Instead of using money from a person or checking account, the user loads money in advance on the prepaid card to do any relevant purchase.

How To Activate OneVanilla Card?

OneVanilla Visa is automatically activated at the time of purchase and the customer gets all the details along with the login details. No need to call for an activation number like a regular credit card purchase. You can use your One Vanilla prepaid card immediately. There is no procedure card activation process that you must follow strictly.

However, for several online purchases, the store may require a zip code that is attached to the card details. To assign a zip code to My Vanilla Card, visit their official website, and follow the instructions above as if you were checking your balance. You will see an option called “Assign a Zip Code” at the official site.

If you want to use your card for relevant debit transactions, set up a PIN which is a personal identification number. Follow the steps above to manage your card again. You can set a new PIN code or change the existing PIN code if already completed the procedure.

The One Vanilla card is a limited alternative to a customer checking account, as it is not authorized to issue checks or access ATMs o do any debit transactions. However, it is still a great way to budget and manage your money, so you don’t spend too much on other cards as you can do all the process through a single card.